Astron Spacers is one of the leading concrete spacers in Manufactures in India, We manufactures and suppliers of concrete blocks, Concrete spacers and concrete covering blocks manufactures in IndiaAstron spacers supply a large amount of concrete cover block and concrete spacers to Middle east countries like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and all most all the countries in Asia and middle east.

Concrete Cover Block

We are in manufacturing of all kind of concrete cover block in all sizes and dustribute our own manufacturing products to many countries.

Why we use cover block

A cover block is used to lift the rebar matrix off the ground so that concrete may flow underneath the rebar. Cover Blocks is used to provide spacing at Slab, Column, Beam & foundation. Application is very simple as place COVER BLOCK between Rebar(Reinforcement bar) and ground/wall. Cover Blocks are used to provide specific height for reinforcement structure before pouring concrete.

Different Sizes of cover blocks in Sizes

25 mm Column Concrete Cover Blocks

30 mm Column Concrete Cover Blocks

40 mm Column Concrete Cover Blocks

50 mm Column Concrete Cover Blocks

75 mm Pilling Concrete Cover Blocks

20*25 mm Slab Concrete Cover Blocks

30*40 mm Beam Bottom Concrete Cover Blocks

50 mm Beam Bottom Concrete Cover Blocks

75 mm Footing Concrete Cover Blocks

All Kind of concrete cover block available in our manufacturing unit and we can supply large quantity of concrete spacers and concrete covering block to our customers in any area in Asia and Middle east countries with in their budget. Astron Spacers is India’s well established leading concrete spacers manufactures and concrete cover blocks manufactures and suppliers to worldwide customers. We are offering supreme quality multiple concrete spacers and concrete cover block to our valuable customers. All our manufacturing products are light weight and high quality one.