Concrete paver blocks manufacturer India

Astron Spacers in Kerala is one of the leading  Concrete paver blocks manufacturer India, we do concrete pavers blocks and concrete spacers in India and Abroad countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia and near by countries in middle east countries. We are one of the leading concrete paver block manufacturers in India and mostly supply in bulk orders and, we  deliver in the customer places in any nation. We manufacture in a large quantity hence we can supply  tons of paver blocks to our suppliers. Astron Spacers manufacturer and supply concrete paver blocks suppliers in india

A cover block is a spacer that is used to lift the rebar matrix from the ground so that concrete will flow below the rebar. The cover block lifts the rebar up by 2 to 3 inches and becomes a permanent part of the poured concrete. Astron spacers in India supply all kind of concrete paver blocks , concrete spacer in all sizes and concrete bricks. All the rebar should be in the same height, no rebar should go down the particular height and minimizes the required concrete coverage.

Concrete paver blocks manufactures India

The Cover block is used to avoid the corrosion of rebar and to protect the rebar from the fire. Our Manufacturing unit in Kerala concrete paver blocks in Aluva Ernakulam have all kind of paver blocks in all sizes for bulk orders and in best price and offer.

Advantages of Cover Block

  • Concrete cover block prevent rebar from corrosion
  • It protects rebar from fire to certain length of time
  • It provide proper transfer of stress from concrete to steel rebar

While concrete cover blocks are made from high strength concrete, these blocks bond perfectly with the concrete. The concrete cover block should have minimum thickness for better results.